By Maaz Ahmed


Those Who Are Excruciated

An example of Domestic violence.

We Need justice!

Take a step to help them. Speak for justice

It is estimated that last year about 500  women were effectuated by Domestic Violence in Pakistan province Sindh. These women were either incinerated (burned)  or killed by hurling acid. According to a non official NGO besides these registered women there are many women who are killed by burning or getting hurled by acids. It’s just that the local police has no registration and either FIR. Why there is no registration? Because the relatives of these women didn’t want to.

The Government Of Pakistan and Police Department only harsh out that they would take action, But  they never implement on that. In reality there are no actions taken to stop the brutal act of Domestic Violence nor any actions are taken against the crooks and the guilty ones.

Regarding this the Fonder of “Ansar Burney Trust” and a well known NGO Mr.Ansar Burney said, “The women of every fifth house of Pakistan is a victim of Domestic Violence.” This brutality is from Beating the women, burning her  from gas stove, Burning the women by hurling acid, till killing her and cutting her into pieces.

Ansar Burney. Fonder of Ansar Burney Trust.

Besides this My Father Dr.Bashir Ahmed Rajput (CMO Civil Hospital Karachi) enuciated, “Every burned women in the Burns Ward of Civil Hospital is induced by their relatives not to tell the real cause of Burning, and give an alternative statement to the officials.”

Usually the women are burned and excruciated by their husbands or husbands relatives and they name the whole scene as Home suicide.

When victims of such cases are brought to hospital mostly they are brought by the same people who had burned them. Means their relatives. By which the victim is terrified and fear keeps her under pressure for not telling the real statement to the officials and besides this due to the fear of corrupt Police Department and their demands the women keeps silence. Due to the irresponsibility and carelessness of Police Department, the Dying Declaration of victim is not recorded causing the crooks and guilty one’s escape the crime.

According to the law and Constitution the “Dying Declaration” has an official value. In every Government Hospital of western countries there is a Police Officer on duty to record the Dying Declaration of the victim, and Doctors on duty are called by the Court for witness when needed. The facts and the figures tells us that neither Police Department nor Government has taken any action for the implementation on this Law.

Once in Civil Hospital’s Burns ward a victim of the same case was brought to my dad who was severely burned. And told my Dad that if he’ll not mention his name to the officials and none of her relatives will get to know, then she’ll tell him what really happened with her. She told my dad that her husband along with her Mother in law, sprayed the Petrol in the kitchen and burned her. After some time they thought that she was dead and brought her to the Hospital where the Doctors found her alive and started their medical treatment.

Among us their are many Victims of domestic violence who have been through critical and fierce situations. But no actions are taken for them By Government since the Assassination of Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto always had care for the women of Pakistan and did what ever she could to stop the domestic violence. She was a noble lady who had kind heart for such victims of domestic violence.Still their are NGO’s and Organizations working privately  to help the victims of domestic violence. An example is Depilex Smile Again Foundation founded by Mussarat Misbah.

The Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) was conceptualised in 2003 as a support and assistance group for women who are victims of domestic violence with special emphasis in the area of deliberate acid and kerosene burning. DSF is at present successfully working and managing the medical/surgical component of this project in Pakistan with the help of its counterpart, Smileagain Italy.

DSF is committed to providing the survivors not only with medical care and assistance but also an adequate chance to become productive, self reliant members of the society that has ostracized them.

The DSF vision extends beyond the immediate…


Witness your self.

In Pakistan their are many women who are excruciated and tortured. We as being the part of the society should give an Helping hand to protect the women right and give them justice. It is our responsibility as a citizen, doesn’t matters you are a Minister, ambassador or any government official, If you are a citizen then it’s your responsibility to stop this act of brutality. Every one’s right should be protected. The society in which there is no justice has no peace.

                        By Maaz Ahmed,  


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