By Maaz Ahmed

Introduction Maaz Ahmed Rajput

Maaz AhmedHey there world!! This is probably mine first Blog. So I think I should Introduce my self. I am a student of 9th grade age 15. I am doing o-levels privately, and here Live in Karachi, Pakistan. Writing articles for awareness and blogging is not just my hobbies but mine passion. My work as social person is to aware people about there surroundings, means enviroment and as well as interesting life experiences I’ve been through.  I want to share knowledge which can be of any kind. Information which may help the readers in any aspects of life. Inshallah I think I would keep on blogging my adventure, tragedies and yeah of course sorrows and any  thing from which i have got a lesson which is valuable.

this is not the only thing I would share.I will share the things i am recently studying and researching on, and I hope that i would get a positive feed back of mine every blog.

You can See my pictures on the right side  which lol. I Don’t upload much.

Here is the main thing why I blog, Mine aim. My aim is of awakening people, warning them about what’s going on in there surroundings and giving tips. I expect the same from fellow users that I would have a great experience here. Mine Blogs are for the betterment of the socitey for the betterment of World and for an individual.This is the only medium by which one can convey his message through out the world by (Media). So the beginning has been great. I hope that I would have a memorable experience and get to know more about the world. So let’s see what happens. Fingers crossed.

Regards Maaz Ahmed. Admin


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